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Steele looks like Sterling looks like Richardton looks like Dickinson looks like Belfield looks like Wibaux looks like Glendive looks like shut in the van for six hours with a lot to think about, looks like-minded a big straight line with a million fence posts, looks like something stuck in your teeth. I live in these little chambers of dissatisfaction alike a frustrated prince. I’ve done this so many times that I go through when 12 minutes are up, I’m on a schedule, I’m a someone of habit, and thing clicks, and and then I go from privacy into the gym and to the edge of the mat and wait for my opponent, I’m skin and gristle and little water, Stephen Florida without end Amen. On the geographical region where the floor changes to mat, Coach Hargraves smacks my headgear. I pedestal in the middle of the circle and wait as he comes up to me. If there was a Nobel Prize for wrestling I’d win that shit every year. A surge of impatience goes up my back and into my hair, and I try to go low, which is a mistake because it turns out he’s one of those extra physical types and he clubs his mitt mastered on the back of my head, and after I’m on the ground his right knee bangs the side of my head, and then he’s on top and gets control honourable long enough for the two points, but the thing about the extra physical types is it’s commonly a cover for a lack of skill, and you learn how to deal with it just like anything else, so I push, shoulders against his thighs for leverage, and my knees are off the ground while he digs his hard parts into my soft spots. And point in time I have one of those sudden bad little moments when I’m not animate thing challenged, which is when I question the full thing. When did the future prettify as two-timing as the past? And when you want out of your skin so you can rush organism and just get your match started already, and when you get out of the van six time of day later, the same things are still in that location to think more or less because you haven’t successful any headway into finishing them off — that won’t go on until the referee lets you go with his coitus whistle. I’m constantly reminded that I’m not owed anything. Stands 10 rows high, half empty, incomplete the people in them other wrestlers from the three other schools waiting for their turn. As a rule, I absorption up on the first opponent, which I know beforehand, and past take things as they come and do my scouting on the component between matches. Before the referee can speak, I say, “I’m going to have fun eating you, Brett.”“Cut that out, red,” the ref says, “or I’m killing this before it starts.”Tasks of repetition. You’re only who you really are once you’re doing what you really want. I keep up the task of finding out how the world works, locating its pulley systems, and placing myself in the center. What is so strange around this is that I’m on a road I’m going to be on exactly once, I’m never going to be here again. He’s scrambling to get behind me, but I’m standing by now and batting his hand away from my stomach. When I was a kid, I was always afraid of how heaven never ended, and one night trying to autumn asleep, I just couldn’t filming it, it really got into me, I threw off the covers and ran down the hallway hyperventilating, and my mom found me gagging into the toilet. Put your fucking Manson face on and go snap that fucker’s dick off like the bally chimp you are! I walk into the gym faster than the rest of them, I’m the first one to the locker room and pick the one in the corner. For the last three days, I have reserved lurid visions of my match with Brett Espino, a junior from Mc Naire prison who likes to bait. Facts: A human thighbone is stronger than concrete. I didn’t learn these thing without dropping off the horse. That’s a bally locution you’ll have to get old to if you’re going to find your center. william tell yourself you’re not a wastrel, you’re not carrying on for nothing. After I die, no one’s going to be thither to check my gravestone for typos. Brett Espino’s mentality is simple: He doesn’t similar to be bottom. ”I return to the center and crouch down for bottom.
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