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On the fifth day, His ruler took him through his new routine. You'll see, boy." The weight on his balls swung back and forth slowly. Think how it will feel to be looked at in your current territorial division by a bunch of strong, masculine men. Did you ever imagine you would beautify an aim for the pleasure of so numerous men? "I've done a impartial share of tattoos in my time, but I think this one will be my ultimate achievement. This is going to happen whether you want it or not, and if you move approximately too much, I might put an eye out." He patted the slave's head, where a bit of hair had started to push its way back through his scalp. "You guys really know how to throw a party," Thom said as they moved on to the living room. I couldn't judge it once I saw his face on your tract the extra night." Oh God no... "I'm sure he'll be glad to have you here. " "I've never been to a party like this before. " Pain shot up his spine at the mention of his old name, but he stayed resolutely still. He looked around, panicked, at the seven men in the room. Surrender yourself to it, to your need, your desire, your lust to be treated this way - to eat the bullshit of seven men. He tackled the man's ass with his tongue, prying out more of the shit-nuggets, seeing himself as these men saw him, as the thousands on the internet saw him - as a thing, an appliance, a former man who had been reduced to this basest of objects, fit only to take shit and piss into his mouth. I am your slave, not a boy." The language material similar they were being unscheduled out of him by something deep inside, something gutteral. "This slave wants to stay, sir, to be your toilet slave, to be whatever you deficiency to mold it into." This time he rode the torrent of shame and physical attraction and disgust like a wave, his cock rhythmical 'tween his legs. " The pressure built and improved inside it, and then at last it released. cordial hands helped it up out of the box as the urine and faeces spilled out onto the concrete and down a drain. He was rinsed, cleansed, and run through his paces on the treadmill. Of course, it will take some time to finish the whole thing. Everyone who saw him would see it, would know his secret shame. "For today, we'll just concentrate on getting your name written across your forehead. Don't even have to get up from work to take a piss." "You can borrow this one when he's ready, see if you suchlike the intact thing..." Master Nate offered. A itsy-bitsy piss trickled out of the corner of his mouth, but he didn't dare to touch it. It's a elfin out of my league." How was he here? I knew he was a ass faggot." A common duad of wingtips approached. Ron's face appeared suddenly at eye level, his extended greasy hair and owl-eyed glasses. "Focus, boy, and chew." his scrapper said, pickings him by the chin. The carbonate pill in conclusion made its way descending his throat. Throw yourself into it, and I expectation you aim get through this ok." His Master then removed the external catheter, propulsion it from the boy's now cottony penis. The new throne likewise had a large clear toilet bowl that swiveled off to the surface in two parts. He was starving, having not eaten since morning, and it felt good to get thing into his stomach, even thing second-hand. in that location was a flushing sound, and a wave of weewee crashed down on him. All at once, the shame slammed into him again, and the nausea, but he had no time to think about it, as the next client was climbing the throne. "This slave wants to take your shit, your piss, your degradation, to be pushed down into its own filth and to be taught its own lack of worth, Sir, all minute, every day, for the rest of his life! Its liquid body substance spurted out all over the plexiglas wall in front of it, and it collapsed, sobbing, knowing what it had just committed itself to. combatant Nate helped it walk across the floor, and the others formed two lines around them and spit on it as it passed. Afterwards, his Master fucked him challenging for half an hour, then trussed him down to the sling, again with a somewhat larger victim plug. You have a lot of clean skin." Jeff's eyes widened. The web boys are paying redundant for this elflike show! Can't wait to get him under the throne." And with that, they were gone, and he was staring at the floorboards again. He's easier to control in a authorities of continual arousal." Jeff engulfed the new man's piss; it was a little sweet, mayhap from the soda? The man finished up, and then withdrew his turncock and ill-treated the slave's face with it. "Hi buddy - how's it feel to be turned into a filthy slave? His Master unstrapped and removed the dildo, then let his bond sit down. Master Nate positioned Jeff's head, and then swung the parts about his cut to link into a solid bowl. He took it eagerly, washing out his mouth with it, but most of it washed over him, spilling into the bowl. His cock surged again, and he put himself back to work. "This is the last time you'll walk on two legs, slave," he whispered.

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In the men's toilet, a good-looking guy has been strongly finite and tied up. He is totally helpless and the presence of more blue boys, making him feel steady more humiliated. Click to see Ethan, fucked herculean afterwards a kinky hand job!

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Toilet Slave Chapter 3: Training - GayDemon

Jeff lay in the little room, wrapped up around a corner because there was no room to stretch out, as the minutes slowly stretched into hours. He couldn't even jack off to discharge the pressure inside his head or swelling his cock, which inclined at a painful angle inside its metal cage. Again he dozed off, for lack of anything better to do. Painfully he sat up, disagreeable to exploit a better position in the tiny cell. Pain exploded through him, and he collapsed to the floor. The one's from that ingenious device seeded in your ass - it knows your name. "OK, now we're going to edward teach you a few things. Idly he digitate his own asshole, nerve-racking to catch unspecified of that full feeling he'd had all day... He tasted his own fingers, and then spit out the saliva in his mouth. He wondered how many others had distributed this grapheme in the past, willingly, if he was to believe Master Nate. But taht another rush you feel, when you know that I own you - that one's on you." No, you're wrong, Jeff thought. This little device," and he command up the remote control, "has a few other nifty functions. And he was afeared of the unexpected wave of desire that came complete him at the thought. Every instance I tell you that you faculty never leave here, you feel a rush to your cock.
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