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My dog's opening glands were emptied last calendar week by a vet, but they static smell. We were told that it may take two to three weeks for this smell to go away. ~~ Mami Expert Reply Hi Mami, Is it possible that your dog's anal glands were infected? If they were infected, then I could understand why on that point may still be a residual smell while the transmission is clearing. Otherwise, I have never had a dog smell later on I expressed it's glands.

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There are countless wonderful things about canines. There is really null to like about dog anal glands. But for better or for worse anal glands are a part of life for dogs and their owners. And owners of dogs motive to see what they are and how they can cause problems for their pets. Dog anal glands, as their name implies, are glands located close to the anus. They are relatively simple as far as glands go: They gibe of a bulb and a duct. It smells like a combination of decomposition food and feces.

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